Meeting Burner - Hot Tip!

I had the chance to host a meeting today, using MeetingBurner. My buddy Chipp Walters had mentioned it to me. It was free to sign up, so I thought I would give it a try. I must say, I was VERY impressed! 

As a consultant, I've become a bit of a digital road warrior using at one time or another, most of the major online meeting services: Go To Meeting, Adobe ConnectWebEx,, Fuse, Mighty Meeting, Google Hangouts, and of course Skype...Without a doubt, MeetingBurner, blows 'em all away in terms of audio quality, stability and ease of ease of use.

The decision to try this software was made on the spur of the moment this afternoon, 5-10 minutes before our meeting. I hastily sent an updated invite, and hoped for the best. Within a few minutes everyone found their way into the meeting -- without a hitch! Try that with any of the other solutions.

After our meeting, I couldn't understand why such a quality service is FREE!  So I did a little nosing around the site, and I discovered the service is in beta testing, and will not be free much longer. But get this -- All registered beta users will receive FREE SERVICE FOR LIFE! 

Here is an excerpt from a statement by the company's president, Jerry Rydel:

We're launching a paid service model soon!
We're excited to announce that in early 2012, we will be launching our paid service model. But don't worry - we are going to continue offering a free account level for new users. More importantly, we are going to grandfather all of our beta users (that's you) into a free package for life, to thank you all for your support during our testing.

So, here's your heads up. Don't miss out on this deal. Sign up before it's too late!

Steve Lomas
Web Consultant, Idea Mechanic
Founder and CEO, MojoMediaPros, Inc

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It does look pretty cool, Steve. I signed up for an account just in case. I'm always a bit leery of these free-beta-switch kinds of offers. I watched a rally terrible comparison video by someone who is clearly part of the Talk Fusion multi-level gang, but she said she was able to determine, e.g., that SMS message reminders, while free in beta, will be part of the premium product when it's released and require payment.

I have a couple of colleagues who would probably benefit from Meeting Burner but they wouldn't touch a beta.

Thanks for sharing!