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Amusedom is the brain child of legendary fantasy and comic book artist, Pepe Moreno. In 1990, Pepe led the way for comic book artists to move into the digital domain with the release of of his ground breaking graphic novel, Batman Digital Justice. As an early adopter of digital media, myself, and a fellow member of the Mac revolution, I met Pepe just as this book was being released, (I have two autographed copies in hardback). We have been professional acquaintances, ever since.

Pepe is a fabulous artist, but even more, he is a visionary -- a visionary who wants every artist to have a profitable publishing avenue, free from the artificial barriers imposed by a handful of big publishers.

Enter Amusedom: Pepe created Amusedom to be a democratic online publishing model, that returns the lion-share of the revenues back to the creators of the work being sold. What a concept! He refers to it as, " the emancipation of artists and the arts". Pure Pepe! ;-)

Amusedom has attracted some amazing talent: Syd Mead, Michael Kaluta, Paco Roca, Tim Bradstreet, Javier Trujillo, Richard Starkings, Cris Ortega, Dave Johnson, Michael Golden, Bill Sienkiewicz, Rosanna Walls, Alvaro Pons, Bruce Jones, Michael Netzer, Thomas Jane, J. F. Lawton, Tanino Liberatore, Jim Starling, Joe Jusko, Skott Harben, Rafa Garres, Juan José Ryp, Sergio Bleda, Tony Harris, Doug Wheatley, Sean Galloway, Neil Vokes, Larry Hama and hundreds more...

If content is truly king, then Amusedom is online royalty!

Amusedom is FREE to subscribe to, and it is FREE to publish. If you are an artist, or an art lover, or if you simply want to support a GREAT NOTION, I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to Amusedom.

In the meantime, check out a sample issue of Amusdeom's latest newsletter, below...

Steve Lomas is an interactive media veteran, designer, entrepreneur and idea mechanic. He is the founder of MojoMediaPros, and CyberIsland Studios.



WORLD-WIDE DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE. Desperado Publishing in tandem with Amusedom, is proud to present a retrospective volume devoted to the entire career of one of today's most popular artists, Tim Bradstreet. At over 300 pages, this book offers readers and fans a chance to witness his immense and phenomenal career from the early days to the present, offering glimpses of previously never-before-seen material from his files and sketchbooks, his enormously popular comic work, art from his career in movie design and posters, his gaming illustrations, as well as beautifully reproduced images of his personal favorites with insights into his life and creative process.

Eisner Award nominated illustrator ,Tim Bradstreet, was born February 16, 1967 in Cheverly, Maryland. Primarily a self-taught illustrator, he has been working professionally since graduating from high school in 1985. Forgoing institutional art instruction, Tim joined Fantasmagraphics in 1986, where he worked for two years with fellow illustrator Steve Venters. Under the guidance of Venters, Tim began illustrating role-playing games, honing his skills while pursuing his lifelong ambition to draw comics. In 1990 he hit the ground running with industry legend Tim Truman on Dragon Chiang, and never looked back.



Other great books by Timothy Bradstreet and others:




From: Pepe Moreno

Dear friends, colleagues and fans, as a small personal favor, can you please join us at AMUSEDOM and help with the emancipation of artists and the arts (just click the facebook link bellow to join).

AMUSEDOM is a SELF-PUBLISHING ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. It's nonexclusive, you keep the rights to your own work and 85% of the revenue. It is secure, there are no set up fees and it's free to join.


Many of your favorite artists are already on board: Tim Bradstreet, Syd Mead, Michael Kaluta, Paco Roca, Javier Trujillo, Michael Golden, Bill Sienkiewicz, Richard Starkings, Cris Ortega, Dave Johnson, Rosanna Walls, Alvaro Pons, Bruce Jones, Tanino Liberatore, Jim Starling, Joe Jusko, Michael Netzer, Thomas Jane, J. F. Lawton, Skott Harben, Rafa Garres, Juan José Ryp, Sergio Bleda, Tony Harris, Doug Wheatley, Sean Galloway, Neil Vokes, Larry Hama and hundreds more...

There's power in numbers and it's free to join. We're not a corporate site but a professional and social network of fans, independent artists, publishers and people like you. Please join... and thanks so much for your support. Pepe Moreno

If you do not have a Facebook account (or do not wish to connect through Facebook), go directly to the site, take a look around and register from there. click here to go to the AMUSEDOM site