Why do I use Gmail?

In June of 2009, I blogged about a series of articles I wrote documenting how and why I was using Gmail as the central hub of my e-mail universe -- even for my business domains.

The Ultimate E-mail Hook-up!

I was reminded of this article today when I happened to spill open my Gmail SPAM folder, for the first time in months...


Oh, man, am I ever glad I that made the switch!
And this was just a few hours worth of deflected SPAM.

Fortunately for me, SPAM is virtually a thing of the past. So much so,  I haven't given it much thought in over a year. But for most, however, SPAM still a huge problem, clogging our networks and MANY personal email in-boxes.

In the spirit of perhaps freeing a few more souls from the burden of SPAM, I am reposting my original article.

Please let me know if it's helpful.

Here's to a SPAM-free tomorrow! 

Steve Lomas
Web Consultant, Idea Mechanic