Steve Jobs | 1955-2011

So, yesterday was the the day... The day I referenced back in March...The day the Apple faithful have dreaded for some time...

Steve Jobs died yesterday, October 5, 2011.

1955-2011... I can't help thinking it could be me. We were the same age.

I haven't felt this way, since the murder of John Lennon. A feeling of tremendous loss. And while Jobs wasn't shot by a crazed gunman, that is little consolation. Ironically, both men were linked by the name, "Apple"...

Much has been said about Jobs' passion and all the cool technology he created. I have nothing to add, except to say, "Thank you!"

I had the good fortune of being present, onsite for many Steve Jobs keynotes. He always made it fun.

I also had the opportunity to meet him once. I was introduced by a mutual acquaintance, a former Apple employee. We had stopped at a little Palo Alto coffee shop, to grab some breakfast on our way to a meeting. Turns out, it was Steve's favorite morning spot, just blocks from his house. The guy I was with, said, "Oh, there's Steve. Would you like to meet him?" (This was shortly after Pixar's IPO -- it was Pixar, not Apple, that first made Jobs a billionaire.) And there he was, sitting at a little table by a window, minding his own business, reading the paper, and enjoying his coffee. What I remember most, was how Steve greeted my associate: warmly asking about his wife and children by name. It had been years since they had worked together.

Jobs was infamous for guarding his privacy; rarely speaking about himself and his personal life.That's why I think this video link to his 2005 Stanford University commencement address is a fitting memorial. He titled it, "How to Live Before You Die".

In it, he speaks of embracing mortality as a springboard to life.

Rest in peace, Steve.